Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas baking

I like to bake. It's fun, sometimes frustrating but having all the ingredients laid out, music on the radio and a few hours to do what you do, it's just fun. And kind of soothing because there's a rhythm to it all.

Earlier in the week I made Salty Chocolate Gingerbread Men which I was disappointed with - turned out swell except for the stupid, way too salty SALT. I used exactly what the recipe called for (I admit I don't always) but this time I did and it was lip numbing. Ended up not having salt on all of them and they're the ones I favoured.
The next day I threw together the easiest chocolate fudge - it will be one I use again I'm certain. I present Chocolate Fudge with Candy Cane topping.
Today there's a shared Christmas lunch at work, so I baked 5 items last night. I know, 5. I plan to give a lot of it out as gifts in little paper bags, not to be mistaken as doggy bags. To get through it all I had to work out the order of what needed to rest, what had to set, oven time etc... and miraculously it all came together. Yes, there may have been a slight mishap on the amount of copha added to the coconut but I think I saved it... oh, and the chocolate peppermint cookies may be the size of a small planet (I'm looking at you Pluto - yes, you are still a planet to me). But still, all good.

Behold, the mad baking of a Wednesday night in December, first up are the Peanut Butter and Almond Cookies, centre bowl is the semi-drowned Coconut Ice.
Next up are the Chocolate Peppermint Planets, yes, I have decided to rename these.
Next sweetness is the Xmas Pud cookies that took the most juggling since there was setting and placing and licking. But they look pretty cute so I'm happy with that.
I bought a vintage cake, scones and biscuit stacker a number of years ago and I'm sooo glad I picked up that beauty. It's the most used of all my cake tins and it really came in handy this morning.

Oh, the fifth item was just an egg and bacon pie. Had to slip a savoury thing in there somewhere since people think lunch and they think savoury. Why is that?

Monday, 6 October 2014

stay tuned for your annual scheduled program

heading over to LA again in 11 sleeps so i thought i might as well mosey back to the page so i can upload photos for the family.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

(needing to be) all shook up!

i needed a jolt to get me out of my miserable state of being back in australia. this was the first time  i really didn't want to return home to melbourne. just feeling out of sorts all round and not in control, so i needed to get it all back again.

so when i saw the promo for this fabulous show i knew i had to buy myself a ticket. as part of the darebin music feast for two nights only, these 6 wonderful chicks with an amazing 5 piece backing band, each sang their own interpretation of a few elvis songs each. it was AWESOME...

photo sourced from

from back left: abbie cardwell, nancy dancer, stella angelico, kira puru. front left: mojo juju and simone page jones.

the band included felix from the rechords, who is originally from perth and played in the salt flat trio i used to see playing around freo. i got to sit with his parents for the evening and had a lovely chat with the proud suzie and lee.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

sad face!

my time in the u.s.a is over, again. and i'm being sent home. boo!

Friday, 30 August 2013

a trip back in time with the girls

friday night was treat night. julie, angela and myself headed downtown to the edison.

and i succumbed to the absinthe fairy who sold little bottles of the potion. wasn't unpleasant but not my favourite taste, aniseed, so my mum would be a player.

a fun evening with two great gals.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

no place like l.a.

you know i still didn't take any/ many photos of my time in l.a. i realise it's probably because i feel so at home here.

but just to make sure you know that i was actually there i took a star pic from hollywood boulevard.

a visit to dupars at the farmers market on third and fairfax for the most delicious brownies in the world, vince and i are addicted.

the markets are also where i dutifully buy my mum some english toffee. she only gets it every few years so i'll have to pick up my game.

the day before i left vince took me down to redondo beach for breakfast at polly's. a great cafe, ocean views on either side of the tiny venue. i'd not been to redondo before, surprised me as well.

ran a few errands... things i wanted to buy to take back to australia. i'm a big fan of the brightly coloured fiesta ware so have been buying a few pieces each time i visit the u.s. this time i was after a pitcher. it's red.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

getting my soul on

the next day was a visit to the stax museum which is a little off the beaten track and should definitely be visited. i love soul music, all sorts but this memphis soul has it's own kind of rhythm which just grooves.

i was moving all over the place. honestly couldn't keep still the music was so fine.

soul train was playing on the big screen and you could hit the dance floor if so inclined, i just kept to the edges this time.